The unbundling of the e-commerce value-chain enabled by the ONDC Network presents many opportunities for new kinds of specialised e-commerce businesses. The unbundling, however, also brings with it certain challenges in terms of optimising certain business processes. To mitigate these challenges, from time to time, ONDC issues advice to Network Participants to optimise their business processes with respect to transactions on the ONDC Network. The intended outcome is for Network Participants to draw on the advisory documents shared here to structure their internal business processes so that the Network can function smoothly, and disputes can be avoided. Network Participants should bear in mind that these documents are merely advice; they are not mandates.


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Date Title Advisory Number Description/Summary Link
16/10/2023 Notified products requiring compulsory certification under BIS Act must carry BIS Standard Mark 2023/10/16/01 Advisory to sensitise Network Participants to ensure products, for which BIS has issued Quality Control Orders (QCOs), carry the Standard Mark (ISI Mark) Download download
17/01/2023 Streamlining Payments and Settlements on the ONDC Network 2023/01/01/01 Advisory to help Network Participants harmonise their business processes for settlement, and cut down delays and uncertainty in pay-outs Download download