Skilled Services, Entertainment, and Subscription-Based Solutions on the ONDC Network

Over the years, the array of services accessible online, from the comfort of our homes has seen a remarkable expansion. In India, our reliance on local service professionals for household needs has deep roots. With the surge in smartphone usage and affordable internet access, one can access a plethora of services from the comfort of their home at the click of a button, from fixing appliances to indulging in spa treatments at home.


The on-demand industry became even more vital during the pandemic and is steadily expanding beyond tier-1 cities in India. Data Bridge Market Research projects the online on-demand services market to reach USD 6396.81 million by 2029, with an 8.0% CAGR.


Today,  digital marketplaces have evolved into large integrated solutions with warehousing, logistics, payment, etc. under a single service provider. While more platforms emerge, the substantial investment required for such integrated solutions limits the number of players in the market. On account of India’s sheer size and diversity, the problem gets compounded in the country’s ecosystem. A more coordinated and inclusive approach is needed for e-commerce adoption at population scale.


The Open Network goes beyond the usual platform setup, where both buyers and sellers need to be on the same platform to do business. In this open network, as long as different platforms can work together, buyers and sellers can connect and make transactions, no matter which platform they use. This means more choices for both sellers and buyers, leading to better business efficiency and lower costs for acquiring customers.


ONDC is neither a super aggregator app nor a hosting platform. All existing digital commerce apps and platforms can voluntarily choose to adopt and be a part of the ONDC Network. In addition, the responsibility for onboarding of sellers and buyers and the management of the end-to-end order lifecycle will also continue to reside with the network-enabled applications.

How to get started

  • 1. Attend Introductory Briefing Calls - here

  • 2. Sign up to ONDC Participant Portal - here

  • 3. Implementation Planning Call - here

  • 4. Access to Staging Environment - here

Network Participant Agreement

Procedure to sign the NP Agreement
  • 1. Download the PDF of the NP Agreement from this Google Drive directory

  • 2. E-sign the PDF using an e-signature with a valid Class 3 DSC or an e-sign provided by a certified authority notified by the CCA. While we do not have any specific mandates in terms of signature service providers, aadhar-based e-signs (e.g.: Digio, e-Mudhra, NSDL e-sign etc.) are easier for our tech team to validate, So we can process them faster.

  • 3. Email the eSigned PDF to [email protected]

  • 4. Following this the ONDC tech team will validate the e-sign and enter the Agreement into the ONDC Registry.


There is no specific placeholder to place the eSign. You can put it on the first or last page or every page. All three are acceptable. Further, there is no need for an e-stamp. Just the eSignature is sufficient.

Please note that the eSignature has to have a valid DSC. A signature simply inserted through a PDF editor, i.e. one that does not have a DSC, is not acceptable.

Please also note that only the NP Agreement has to be signed. The policy documents do not need to be signed

FAQ - Network Participants Agreement & Network Participants Agreement - Link

ONDC Network Policy Link

Introduction to Skilled Services, Entertainment, and Subscription-Based Solutions on the ONDC Network

The ONDC Network classifies services as under :

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Skilled Services :
API Specifications
User Flows
Entertainment (Ticketed Services)
Subscription Based Services

Discussions & Forums

Share your technical feedback or queries in GitHub - Link

Technology Assistance Call for Onboarding - Every weekday at 10AM - Meeting Link



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