Tech Resources


The technical resources comprises a comprehensive range of resources covering various development resources that a Network Participant needs to come onto the network. These resources encompass developer guide, code repositories, API specifications ion accessible through Swagger Hub links, Technical Product documents, and white-label implementation code bases.


A: Developer Guide


The developer guide is a comprehensive resource designed to assist participants on their technical journey offering step-by-step instructions for seamless integration on the network. From initial onboarding to the staging registry to advanced steps of integrating in the Preprod or Prod registry, a walk through of the entire process is provided, ensuring that an NP has a clear understanding of the technical aspects involved. With reference utilities, code snippets, illustrative examples, and FAQs, the guide is a one-stop shop for navigating the intricacies of integration.

B: White label implementations


For those seeking customizable solutions, ONDC has developed white-label implementation code bases for buyer apps and seller apps in the Retail domain, allowing a prospective NP to jumpstart their integration with the ONDC network with pre-built frameworks that can be tailored to match specific branding and functionality requirements. These implementations are constantly updated and kept in alignment with the latest specifications published for the network implementation.


1. White label buyer app

1. Links to access buyer app

2. GitHub repo link -

3. User Manual here


2. White label seller app

1. Links to access seller app

2. GitHub repo link -

3. User Manual here

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