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Knowledge Base

Welcome to ONDC's Knowledge Base - a comprehensive informative resource designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the ONDC platform effectively. As an all-encompassing repository, it encompasses everything related to the ONDC platform, from essential Governance and Policies to the invaluable Seller Network Participant handbook. Whether you seek guidance on tax, network policies, advisories, or aspire to optimize your experience with the platform using best practices, our Knowledge Base is here to assist you!


Governance and Policies

E-commerce has traditionally operated in the platform-model. In this model one central entity - the platform - controls the entire value chain - i.e. customer acquisition, managing buyer-experience, vendor onboarding, order-flow management, fulfilment and logistics, payment collection, grievance redressal etc



Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is an initiative aimed at promoting open networks for all aspects of the exchange of goods and services over a digital network.


Marketing Resources

The usage of ONDC Logos should be in accordance with the ONDC Network Policies. Use of ONDC logo or any of our brand elements in any way that implies affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship where such a relationship does not exist is not allowed.


Tech Resources

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has been established to democratize and fundamentally revolutionize how digital commerce is conducted.


ONDC Academy

To strengthen digital commerce and enable operational excellence for NPs (Network Participants) in this ecosystem, we are introducing ONDC Academy. The ONDC Academy will bring forth a curated learning experience designed to help participants navigate the open network and proactively hand-hold them to become ready for their e-commerce journey through a certification-driven process. The Academy aims to impart the best practices to speed up participants’ progress to a high-performance state on the network.


Network Participants Form (NP Form)

Network Participants profile form is used to obtain expressions of interest from entities interested in joining the ONDC Network . The form will ask you information such as size of the business, industry segment, the role you anticipate to play on the ONDC Network.


Financial Services - on the ONDC Network

Financial services,other than Banking and Payments, are severely underpenetrated in India. While the most affluent 100 million Indians are served well by the market, the remaining 1300 million are largely ignored.

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