Handbook on building Open Networks: The journey of ONDC so far


This handbook maps the evolution of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) - from a nascent idea to its current status as a pathbreaking digital public infrastructure for digital commerce. It attempts to dissect technical, governance and sustainability considerations that underpin ONDC and the fundamental building blocks of the network ecosystem, while presenting a decision making framework for readers interested in establishing similar open networks. Also, it provides the rationale for making those choices among the many available options. It presents a matrix of choices made by ONDC and the attendant consequences and the fundamental building blocks of the network ecosystem. Lastly, the handbook offers practical suggestions and checklists, surfacing pathways for implementation.


The handbook is designed to build a shared understanding about ONDC and open networks amongst diverse stakeholders. This includes individuals, businesses, startups and governments that are looking to leverage ONDC or build their own context-specific, purpose-built open networks. Ultimately, the handbook functions as a tool to leapfrog digital commerce journeys