Latest Updates from ONDC

April 2024

Responding to market needs, the ONDC Network model implementation now includes Confidex and Addendum to Mutual Funds. Process flows for ODR and Seller-led B2B journeys have been released, equipping Network Participants (NPs) for effective implementation. Stay tuned for upcoming use cases in Mobility, Financial Services, Agri, and more.

March 2024

Digitized and kickstarted the e-commerce journy for micro-enterpreneurs in eight handicraft clusters across India. Through the Meta Small Business Academy Training Program, 50+ sellers have been trained to use Instagram and WhatsApp for running ad campaigns, and we are aiming to train 1000+ such sellers on the network.

Feb 2024

Financial Services went live on the network in January, marking a milestone with our first personal loan disbursement. The first transaction was facilitated with EasyPay as the buyer application and DMI Finance as the seller application. To date, a total of 15 loans have been disbursed on the network.

January 2024

The ONDC network, a community-driven initiative, is developing a standardized and interoperable digital infrastructure, fostering seamless communication among diverse ecosystem participants. In defining products, policies, and governance, these stakeholders are building the bedrock of trust. The integration of emerging technologies stands as the cornerstone, facilitating an intuitive consumer experience and ushering in novel business models. ONDC network unleashes a combinatorial explosion, fundamentally transforming the digital commerce landscape and propelling the Indian economy forward.

July - December 2023

The ONDC Network represents a technology-centric initiative with the primary goal of enhancing the prevalence of e-commerce throughout the nation. Through the promotion of digitalization among businesses, the network enables them to extend their reach into broader customer markets. The overarching objective is to make e-commerce accessible, inclusive, and scalable for businesses of various sizes, all accomplished through the implementation of an open protocol.


July - September 2023

The ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) has just unveiled its inaugural newsletter, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments achieved in July 2023. This newsletter is accessible to the general public. July marked another significant step forward for the ONDC network. Notably, we have experienced substantial expansion, with a total of 1 million verified orders and the addition of more than 200 new components to our existing ecosystem. The collaboration with Fintech in ONDC has ushered in an exciting era. Furthermore, ONDC has introduced model implementations for personal loans and MSME invoice financing, with active participation from over 80 market players. For further information, please refer to the newsletter.