Strengthening the Health and Growth of India’s E-commerce in an open network

To strengthen the Health and Growth of Open network for digital commerce (ONDC) network, the concept for Network Observability was introduced after multiple discussions and consensus from network participants and industry experts and adhering to the principles of open network.

In order to democratise and demystify the concept and framework, we are releasing a white paper which presents a comprehensive view of the Network Observability framework and its implementation approaches in the context of ONDC network, while the framework itself can find applicability in any open network ecosystem.

In this paper, we detail out the framework, key design principles that govern its implementation, define the approach for network participants to collectively observe the growth and health of the network, foster interoperability and mutual compliance. Thereby, enhance transparency, trust and operational efficiency in an unbundled environment and help uncover actionable insights to support exponential growth for network participants. We also address the complexity involved in implementing this framework in an open network, and how ONDC will play the role of a facilitator to support and empower its participants in their journey to adopt this framework.

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